The LineUps




The   USA Warriors

John   Bombard US   Army Injured   Vet Worcester,   MA
Mark   Adams US   Navy Injured   Vet Syracuse,   NY
Drew   Young US   Army Wounded   Vet Buffalo,   NY
Johnny   Laursen US   Army Injured   Vet Brick,   NJ
Rob   Worringer US   Navy Injured   Vet Tower,   MN
Mark   Little US   Army Wounded   Vet Fairfax,   VA
Jared   Lemon US   Army Wounded   Vet Anchorage,   AK
Johnny   Plover US   Army Wounded   Vet Philadelphia,   PA
Dan   Coleman US   Army Wounded   Vet Falls   Church, VA
Craig   Grossi US   Marines Wounded   Vet Fairfax,   VA
Lindsey   Drake US   Army Injured   Vet Holliston,   MA
Mike   Davis US   Army Injured   Vet Holliston,   MA
Patrick   Bissanti US   Army Injured   Vet Franklin,   MA
Chris   McNair US   Marines Wounded   Vet Quantico,   VA
John   Giasullo US   Army Wounded   Vet Billerica,   MA
Donald   Urbany US   Army Wounded   Vet Detroit,   MI
Charlie   Hymen US   Navy   Chicago,   IL
Lilly   Adams     Bethesda,   MD
Chris   Jackson US   Army   Oceanside,   NY





The   Olympians

Scott   Fusco ’84   ’88 Harvard   University Burlington,   MA
Scott   Young ’88   ’92 ’02 Boston   University Clinton,   MA
Shawn   McEachern ’92 Boston   University Waltham,   MA
Lane   MacDonald ‘88 Harvard   University Tulsa,   OK
Mark   Fusco ‘84 Harvard   University Burlington,   MA
Tom   Poti ‘02 Boston   University Worcester,   MA
Katie   King Crowley  ’98 ’02 ’06 Brown   University Salem,   NH
Ted   Crowley ‘94 Boston   College Concord,   MA
Mark   Kumpel ‘84 UMass   Lowell Wakefield,   MA
Ted   Donato ‘92 Harvard   University Boston,   MA
Courtney   Kennedy ‘02   ‘06 University   of Minnesota Woburn,   MA
Tara   Mouncey ’98   ‘02 Brown   University Concord,   NH
Brian   Leetch ‘02 Boston   College Corpus   Christi, TX
Scheduled   to appear      
Mike   Eruzione ‘80 Boston   University Winthrop,   MA
Dave   Silk ‘80 Boston   University Scituate,   MA
Jack   O’Callahan ‘80 Boston   University Charlestown,   MA